Going For Realism

Queen Merla
 Hey everybody! December is a crazy month and I apologize that its been 10 days since my last post. Time is flying by. This time around I'm gonna share more WIP's, rather unpolished as of yet. This is a learning Blog too, ya know ;) You can see a significant difference in how the newer Queen Merla is far more real looking. All others are going to be real including the Ultra Droids. I decided that if I wanna get noticed by people in the movie/entertainment industry, I need to show more realism. So yeah still black and white since I'm making my art geared towards where I want to be. Did I mention there are 14 of these portraits? I'm only sharing a bit as I go, and I'm withholding Lotor and Keith maybe til the end. Enjoy and cheers!

p.s. If someone from Wizards of the Coast sees what I'm doing, please let me know you want to see more! I would love to do art for you! Cheers!
Ultra Droid (Robot Doom Soldier)


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