Matte Painting

Hey everybody! Its been a while since I've posted, so here is a CD cover for 'Set On 7' I just made. After I had talked with my friend John, I planned in my mind all the refs and mattes I needed and grabbed em off the net. Photos from my own camera, another from a photo shoot by Posemanikin, pics of the Addam's Family house, playing cards, mail boxes, et cetera were used. So if you are familiar with matte painting you know that I placed some mattes down as like an underpainting, skewed, scaled, cropped em, and then I painted over all of it. Making the lighting accurate is a tricky thing too. Anyway I think it turned out great. I decided not to add lighting from all the little fires as it flattened the depth of the image. So that was deliberate ^^ I had to bang up everything too to make it look somewhat post apocalyptic. But all those little details were done last after the composition was solid. Cheers! Hope you think it looks epic.


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