Monday, May 29, 2017

Yellow Alien with Raybans

Hey everyone, here's a different painting from what I usually create. 
I was listening to UFO and Alien documentaries and became inspired to create an alien. A supposedly real alien selfie picture was removed from 4chan's site, following a 15 minute shut-down of that site.
People described it as having yellow scales, purple bags under the big black eyes, and an hourglass shaped head.
I thought it would make sense if aliens had advanced glasses like Google-glasses, but with HUD interfaces and all the tech. Creating the big black eyes look.
I had to rework it a bit to get it to look mostly finished, but I could keep working on it til the aliens bring the cows back home..


Monday, February 6, 2017

Grandpa Scientist and El Papá

Hey everyone, here is a post of some independent sci-fi work I was able to paint for the author Gustavo Castro. He was going for black and white style paintings that had the feel of RollingStone magazine.
He has some good short stories he is working on. I don't want to steal his thunder so please check out his work here and here :) And like his FaceBook page!


Friday, February 3, 2017

Robyn Hood: I Love NY 11A

Hey everyone, here is another cover I painted for Zenescope Entertainment! Its for Robyn Hood: I Love NY 11A.
I wanted to push the dynamic view towards the viewer, but I don't think I exaggerated the depth enough. Its kind of a new thing for me to be trying, since I've always tried to push realistic proportions. 
Another obstacle was to paint the character Robyn in camouflage among bushes in Central Park, while still 'popping' her off the cover. My original idea was to have her half hidden in the shadows which unfortunately doesn't make her too visible. But my editor and I worked together instead to easily see her, having the background faded with less contrast. I think it works well.
I almost used colors indicative of autumn like oranges to help her greens pop, but decided it wouldn't match the other covers.
Overall I think it turned out great and I like it!
In stores April 5th, 2017