Let's get the gears spinning...

Hey all, I'm new to blogging and I really wanna do something more with my art. So here I'm hoping to share my paintings, WIP's, weekly updates on my growth as an artist, and possibly some other random things as well. I'm hoping by making posts I can get a bit more exposure and help people grow as artists as well. We should all try to get better every time we sit down to do our art. I think its best to do that together, so stick with me as I post some finished art, step-by-step processes, and maybe if I'm brave enough to do LiveStreaming, that too! It's gonna be alot of hard work, but anybody can settle for what they have. Let's wake up, work hard, and do something better for ourselves!
I'm gonna start this blog with a piece of art that was inspired by my wife Allie and our big gray cat. Big dreams are lead by big goals! Cheers!

Thanks Allie for cranking my gears up when I met you. You are the best!


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