Castlevania -Symphony of the Night

Richter Belmont
Hey everybody! I did a painting of Castlevania's Symphony of the Night for a friend Marek Wittner, aka Excelsior EX, who is working for Konami composing music. The layout was pretty much already decided by Marek, so I mocked up a painting using Photoshop through his verbal direction, actually IM via FaceBook. He was very happy with what I wanted to do and I started finishing the paints. I did it all in shades of gray first like usual and then added color using a 'color' mode layer. Of course that way can be tricky, so I created another layer under the color and began adding more shades of gray darkening and lightening as needed. The moon had to have a specific look for me so I added a Hard Mix layer over it to get that harvest moon spookiness. Once done I tweeked the details and added an overall color filter to create a limited color palette feel. I'm very happy with it. I definitely feel as though my paints are loosening up and are becoming more confident. Enjoy and Cheers!
Btw, I just bought Corel's Painter 12 which should help me push my painterly direction I'm trying to pursue.


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