Prince Lotor -pushing boundaries..

Prince Lotor
Hey everybody! Sorry for the hiatus! I have been very busy organizing angles of my life, so in turn thinking of ways to be more efficient with my time. Well, any way, cutting back on sleep isn't working and I'm glad I'm not sick from it. I may be painting differently to target what is really important in a painting, and learning to accept more unfinished strokes that I leave in the final product. I always love seeing other artists do this, but I have a hard time following the example... each new painting I push my comfort level and move forward. There is only so much time to paint, only so many paintings I can do in my life, so I do not want to invest time over-working an already 'finished' painting. I hope you all enjoy where my art is going. Here is Prince Lotor, another villian from the Voltron universe which I think is one of the more popular characters. Cheers!


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