Orc Cook

Orc Cook
Hey everybody! I know I don't really do monsters as of late, but I've been a fan of D&D since I was 9 years old (25 years ^_^), and my friend Caanan White told me about an art test they are promoting right now. Of course I went to work and submitted to them this piece. I like painting the more off-beat things like a cook versus a shaman, but I could do both. I just like doing what is different, or what isn't commonly seen. It helps to stand you out of a crowd I think.
So anyway using photoshopCS2, I started again in gray values and added some color to see where it was going value-wise (which I think works best) and then made the changes until it seemed to be in a 3D space. I continued to play with colors until I thought it was balanced and led the eye around well. Of course I went in and added bits of detail last to help it pop.
If I could change anything it would be the fire place. I see the fire and lighting isn't as accurate as it should be, and let me tell you to practice painting fire around coals, wood, rocks, etc. I know I need more practice. It is difficult to make it believable.

I hope you all enjoy, Cheers!

Also, here's a link to Caanan's mighty pencils and paintings too!

Keep painting as much as the day allows!


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