World of Warcraft Troll Hunter

World of Warcraft Troll Hunter
Hey everybody! So I mentioned I would be attempting to paint more painterly. I tried, and it is hard to loosen up, but I'm trying! ^_^ I was looking into purchasing new software for my art, and I did purchase Painter12. The learning curve on that app is steep. I did stick with it (frustrating) and so far I think it is helping to bring my paintings to where I want them. I do have to encourage anybody who has bought Painter12 to just stick with it and keep trying to use the most comfortable brush in the libraries. I found 'soft charcoal' to be my best bud in learning and I am now ready to try others I didn't want to try earlier. Btw, this troll is done entirely in Painter12 using mostly the soft charcoal. I've been changing how I paint as well, and I may post some step-by-step processes of this monster later.
Of course I did the values in black/white first, then did some colors on top in a Corel mode called 'colorize'. Leaving the colors on, I went back to the layers underneath and kept painting more in black/white. Every so often, I would leave the colors off so I could paint much faster using the eye-dropper tool, zoom out and adjust how it looked from far away, zoom in and tweak details, back out and so on and so on.
I have to add that I did this character to get the attention of Blizzard Entertainment. And I'm glad I did for another reason. Their designs have much attitude and really push how exciting characters can look. I may do another one if I have time, but I'm very anxious to get back to my Voltron series. We'll see though...

Remember we are learning together, pushing through frustration, and developing problem solving skills. Make time for your art and cherish the time you have to do it.
Until later, Cheers!


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