King Zarkon

King Zarkon finished in Painter12
King Zarkon from Television
Hey everybody! I hope everyone who is keeping track of my progress through the Voltron series is still watching ^_^ Yeah far from done. I have never done a whole bunch of similar styled paintings before like this, so its a little bumpy right now. After having done some of these, and having grown more as an artist, I realize I made more work for myself at this point. What I mean is I should've waited to start each one once I am ready for it, or just do studies for the relative characters. Well, with this painting for instance I had to either start over or save my intial work. I really didn't like how I rendered the gray scale image shown below. I'm pretty sure Zarkon was the first one I started to do realistically. And he sat for months as I've been painting other things. I'm inclined to believe I should've just started fresh since I'm learning to paint differently. Here I am trying to save an old half finished painting, actually losing more time in the end. I really do like how this Zarkon turned out, but I regret the amount of time I spent. I could have had 2 new paintings done in the same time if I started from scratch. So yeah, my advice is try not to save an old painting if its not how you paint anymore. Cheers! Keep painting no matter how little time you have. NO excuses.
King Zarkon started in PhotoshopCS2


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