Voltron: Ultra Droid

Ultra Droid by Josh Burns -July 2012
Art from the cartoon Voltron
 Hey everybody! So here is the Ultra Droid I just finished. It took about a week in my spare time after my normal work. I'm including the old painting that I started in photoshop below to show again that if you paint differently now, don't waste your time trying to save an old painting. Just move on. I've been focusing so much on using dynamic lighting and textures that I have no choice but to start fresh. Originally I thought I would reinvent the style of the Droid, but in this new painting I really didn't need to. The cartoon droid in my opinion still holds good design for a generic soldier. I did have to slightly redesign the gun into a rifle because i wanted 2 hands holding the gun. If the droid were inside of a structure of some kind, I may have let it wield a pistol (for close quarter combat). Because these soldiers are so dark in color and because these Voltron paintings are portraits, I wanted to make the face and such as if it were straight from the forge and put into the battlefield. I wanted it to have a Terminator feel. It is fearless and keeps coming until the enemy is neutralized. I also wanted to keep the spooky and demonic visage since it is a villain droid. And this is the last of the villain portraits in the Voltron series. I know there are more such as Karp and the robeasts, but its time to do the good guys. I'm not sure which one I'll start with so unless I hear otherwise, I'm gonna paint according to my whims. Thanks everyone so far for keeping up with my posts here and I hope you are enjoying what I'm doing. If you have any questions with what I'm doing so far or want to leave a comment, I'll do what I can to respond. So of course, keep painting! Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop! ^_^ Cheers!
Ultra Droid WIP -December 2011


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