Get some action!

See Boba Fett Run

Boba Fett -gunslinger!
Hey everybody! I've been busy trying to learn how to paint better atmospheric perspective. And doing full figures to boot ^_^ Its def refreshing to get back into that subject matter versus portraits. I feel I need to take some time out to make sure I stay well rounded in my art mind. On top of that since I'm now going to do the good guys in Voltron, I wanna make em extra special. I feel doing these paintings will help push em that direction. What I've posted here are Works-In-Progress. I've been practicing composition and color usage too.
Dropping the axe!
So in the first painting here of Boba Fett I really wanted to show dynamic action, but he isn't that sort of guy who jumps like a super hero. So I made him dash like the Alfred E. Neuman character of Mad Magazine. Too goofy. So how can I make Boba Fett different than all the others out there on the web? I dunno. That's why I made him run like crazy ^_^ It wasn't serious enough I suppose so I tried making him stand more like a gun slinger. He always seemed like a crafty desperado to me. After reworking him a bit, I have what you see 2nd.
Now this bottom picture is going more into the direction of atmospheric lighting that I want. The goal in mind for this one is making an image that could go for card art. Something that shows what a play could look like, ie: retaliation, escape, final stand, et cetera. The colors are not final, the cloak prob will compliment some armor that has yet to be placed on him.
So yeah, my painting techniques are pretty much the same except I'm not painting in gray scale so much anymore as a foundation. I try to work in the foundation values in any color and start to add the correct colors as needed. I'm still experimenting with Painter12 and its making me so happy as a digital artist. A real pain at first, but it helped me to grow into a more bold painter. If you have patience, I recommend it highly. Keep painting and drawing. Set your goals, act on them, be patient for opportunity.



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