Coran Royal Advisor

Coran Royal Advisor Painter12
Coran from Television
Hey everybody! So I'm finally going to finish my Voltron series. Its time the good guys are painted and Coran is going to be the first character. It took maybe around 35-40 hours. Hair can be a real killer, but I wanted his hair to have that crazy wave. I used ref for the candle, collar, and face (Tom Selleck). I had to play down the candle so the eye doesn't go to it every time. It's so bright. Also since he isn't a combatant, more of a royal advisor, I thought I should not paint his costume torn up. In the cartoon I remembered Coran and Princess Allura hiding in the castle when it was very dark, so I figured I could paint him in that setting for the story's sake. Anyway, the characters left to paint are Sven, Pidge, Hunk, Lance, Keith, and Allura. Stay tuned...

Even though I'm not posting, I'm still painting almost everyday. Never give up!


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