The Pilot Hunk

Hunk the Yellow Lion pilot
Hey everybody! This is 9of14 in my Voltron series. His name is Hunk and he pilots the yellow lion who becomes the left leg of Voltron. This painting was difficult for me to post. For starters he isn't a favorite character and he is a fairly dopey character in the cartoon. But he is one of the Voltron pilots and so he has a place here. I tried to make him a more real type of a strong-arm. A guy who likes to eat alot. He always seemed to want to deal with obstacles in a physical way and intellect wasn't a featured attribute with him. Also his lion was hidden in the barren or desert wastes so i figured that landscape would be appropriate. All things considered, using full daylight with no hard shadows is probably what crippled this portrait the most, outside of the fact he is unpopular. Hopefully everyone is still on board to see the rest which I plan on making exciting ^_^
Hunk from the 80's cartoon
Thanks for viewing!


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