Princess Allura

Princess Allura created in Painter12
Hey everybody! So I finally finished my Voltron portraits. These definitely were a challenge to do, but I'm so glad I did it. I wanted this piece in particular to be the cornerstone for the series so I saved it for last. I always had in mind to add the space mice too, 4 of em' at the beginning. It was almost too distracting so I kept it to the 3 blue ones. Other details like the badge/key and belt buckle were added to keep the 80's design. I almost streamlined the pilot suit to be more updated, but I came to my senses and only designed how her outfit was stitched together. There isn't anything wrong with the old design. 80's rock IMO.
     So for anyone wanting to know my process on this painting, I started in a monotone tan over 80%ish black background. I then figured out which colors I wanted, to keep it themed for the princess. Only after I rendered all of the shapes to read well did I start to detail things such as textures, the minor dents and scratches in her apparel, and her hair. I always do the hair last since its so time consuming to redo if something needs fixed. Once I was done I did some contrast adjustments to most of the body. And here is the finished piece.
     I hope you all enjoy the portraits. Please visit my Gallery over at DeviantArt and friend me at FaceBook so you'll catch anything i might be sharing there too.

Cheers, and thanks again for checking out my Voltron paintings!
God bless

Edit: Thanks everyone! Your kind words mean alot to me. I just recently had an interview with PoseManikin. Check it out!
Princess Allura from 80's Voltron cartoon


  1. Josh,

    Your work is truly outstanding!!!I've been a tremendous fan of Voltron, and I hope to do some of my own work soon. Yours is just amazing, and you did the characters justice! Allura is really incredible!!!



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