The Copper Kidd Finished

The Copper Kidd painted by me.
The Copper Kidd from Silverhawks 80's cartoon.
So last month I posted some line work of this character and said I was painting it. I had to tweak almost everything once I got going and it was worth the extensive work. I was initially going to have his metal skin super smooth but I changed my mind and started adding nicks and dings everywhere which would be typical of battle. I left his wings and face shield out of this illustration since he is not in flight. Concerning his face I was looking at fish people from other artworks and thought some slightly amphibian skin would be appropriate for him to complement his copper metal body. His race resembles mimes which is creepy but I left his face white with black points and pink nose. Over all I think he is a well designed 80's character. I would have painted a team jacket on him but since this might be the only portrait of him I paint I left it off. Is anyone interested in seeing more of the Silverhawks painted? Let me know and friend me on FaceBook:
Thanks for reading!


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