Steelwill painted by me.
Hi all, so I've been working on the Silverhawks when I get the chance. So far now I have painted 3 (with 3 more to go), this one being the character Steelwill. He is the typical jock of the team, but paired with his twin sister Steelheart. And she will be the next Silverhawk I paint.
I was a bit disappointed with the Bluegrass painting regarding the lighting and textures so I tried to really make this one feel more dynamic.
I picked this particular pose because I wanted it to feel like a football player rushing right towards you with intention. He seemed a bit plain with only his charcoal chrome body so I added his jersey and shredded it to imply combat. I hope nobody is upset that I took some liberties to make him seem less plain. In the end I really like how this turned out for the character.
God bless and cheers,
keep painting.
Steelwill and Steelheart from Silverhawks 80s cartoon.


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