Mon*Star paint by Josh Burns
Hey everybody! Here is Mon*Star from the 80’s cartoon ‘Silverhawks’.  I decided to paint him as the afro hair version for now. Everything about this villain is punk rock from the streaked hair to the spiked shoulder armor with star eye patch. I thought it is interesting to know that the Silverhawks' enemy is a feline humanoid. Since the cartoon has minimal details for animation purposes, I thought I would re-envision him with fur. Nothing too much, just something that seems like it would be enough to narrate he’s a cat man. And since he is so street punk I thought putting him into a make-shift football armor is appropriate as well. Also one of his more notable features is his rigid face. At first I thought he was scarred by his transformations, but then I began to think that maybe the lines on his face were edges to a cube-like design popular during that time. So I made his face scarred and distorted by stress that embodies who he is- a maniac crime boss.
The tools I used to paint this were PhotoshopCC and Painter12, using a Wacom IntuosPro large tablet with felt tip nibs.
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80's cartoon Silverhawks


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