MonStar Advanced

MonStar Advanced paint by Josh Burns
Hey everybody! Here is the other version of #MonStar from the 80's cartoon #Silverhawks. I'm calling it the advanced version since its like #Applibot 's card art. Again, it seems even in the robot form this villain is punk rock. He has spikes coming out of his head and a star around his left eye. From what I know MonStar temporarily regains his vision in his left eye when in this powerful form. Also, from it being able to shoot a laser beam. It is the moon star that allows him to transform from his previous state (see link below).
I didn't do too much to re-invent this crime-boss, except to make his armor's colors more exaggerated. And to allow his facial features to show more stress and rage. 
I wasn't originally planning on painting this, but I thought it would be fun to add this version of him to my Silverhawks roster. Btw the next painting is going to be of Quicksilver which will be my final paint for this cartoon. I hope you all enjoyed it much!
The tools I used to paint this were PhotoshopCC and Painter12, using a Wacom IntuosPro large tablet with felt tip nibs.
Thanks for reading!
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MonStar before transforming


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