Grimm Fairy Tales, issue 1E

Hey everyone, here's another cover I was able to paint for Zenescope Entertainment. They are relaunching their Grimm Fairy Tales comic and asked that I paint Samantha Darren, a witch champion. Here she is in her everyday clothes, a redesign from how she used to look. Although her superhero costume might have been changed up as well. We will see!
In her pose here she is using her magic to get into action. I don't know how magic works, who does right? But I paint magic in a way that draws energy out of everything around it to manifest, disrupting nature and so forth. As Samantha focuses her magics into her hands and fingertips, it is defying gravity a bit lifting her soft blonde hair as well.

Look out for Zenescope Entertainment's relaunch of Grimm Fairy Tales, issue 1E! 
Estimated to be in shops:
Dec 14th, 2016

Josh Burns


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