Commander Yurak

Commander Yurak
Hey everybody! So here is the first of my Voltron characters
finished! This is Commander Yurak, general of Zarkon's Doom Fleet. This was the very first one I sketched after I decided to do this Voltron series. I had been working on getting the face right and thinking ahead of how he would be real. He is older so I thought about age spots and gray hair, instead of purple like his skin. Also I added details to help explain him like the scar across his lost eye. Since he is in a spaceship cockpit I have dust floating in the air to create atmosphere. Once I thought I was ready to add color, I realized his light sabre was wrong. That was repainted to be accurate. So I created a 'color' layer in Photoshop and began painting a 30% opacity of colors where I wanted them and would do a Gaussian blur as needed to blend the colors. I did a total of 3 color layers: one for color itself, another for Rim lighting, and lastly for bounced lighting. After I was happy with all that I added the very little things that make a painting better like random hairs on his head where Rim lighting would light em up. He is 1of14 so stick around. 



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