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Commander Yurak

Haggar the Witch
Hey everybody! I know earlier I had posted a character named Yurak which was a bit unpolished and I decided to do some quick fixes, and I had even mentioned that 'haste made waste', but in all honesty I was still being hasty. After I had posted the so called 'fixed' art I had a sinking feeling that I had goofed again, but I didnt really know what else to do at that time. I know I want to do freelance art for Blizzard Entertainment so I thought I would punch color and add some heavy glows. I'm not saying that epitomizes their art, but I want my art to appeal to their art directors. Yurak still wasn't right. Well, I moved on to finish another character named Haggar who is a witch in the Voltron universe. In working on her, and just looking back on Yurak I began to see differences in the lighting and color usage. Also how I painted atmosphere. Well I think its definitely better. The new piece of Haggar seems pretty good to me too. I hope you all enjoy how things are coming along and being patient with the frequency of my posts. I could paint more in the day without a day job eating 40+ hours a week, but the bills have to be paid. Life is good though so I'm not complaining, I just wish I could paint more instead. Cheers!


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