Lance and Red Lion

Lance and Red Lion in Painter12
Hey everybody! I know its been some time since I updated my blog, but here's something! I spent some time thinking about how the last painting I did of the yellow lion pilot looked a bit boring.... I was looking at it and thought if I saw that on a video game or movie cover I wouldn't think its entertainment value would be too high. I figure I should really bring the epic feel to the heros even though it might be dark. Sometimes going through dark times can help define who we are and handle our problems, so it doesn't really defame a hero to be caught up in that moment, right? (Besides that, I was watching alot of Silent Hill and Resident Evil walkthroughs during my studio hours.)
Anyway to help really push color, I also stopped painting in my gray scale style completely and simply did color thumbnails without my wacom tablet of what looked good from far away. I actually used my fingers on my Apple track pad. I was on vacation near Seattle and didn't plan on working on Voltron stuff, but I found time and did what I could. I'm pretty happy that I didnt have my Wacom because it forced me to work on only the core of the painting. Once back in the midwest I started to really develop the painting into what we see here. I figure not everything has to have that crisp look and sometimes a raw feeling can be used for visual interest. Hard edges, soft edges, and lost edges are all things I tried to remember as I painted this.
I hope you all enjoy how these are all going to look. I'm really trying to make these into memorable paintings!
Lance from Voltron cartoon
God bless and cheers!


  1. These are amazing. I love Voltron as a child and I think you've done an incredible job the realism.

  2. Hi Sharlene,
    Actually the owners of Voltron, World Events Productions, are working to get prints available. If you want to show support, please check out their official FaceBook page


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