Pidge and Green Lion

Pidge and Green Lion in Painter12

Hey everybody! So here is the next Voltron character that I finished! I know Pidge is a bit nerdy, so I played on that theme and really tried to add to that stereo type. I had to paint the face first and then paint the glasses second so the lenses would look like glass. Also after the lion was painted I added the green atmosphere to mute its presence. I wanted Pidge to remain the primary focus of the painting.
This painting also started just as the painting of Lance did; I did a Color and Value thumbnail of what I wanted to have finished. Then I simply refined, painted textures, and added details. That sounds simple enough, but it takes time and patience. In many ways I wanted to keep detailing this painting, but I have more work waiting to be done. So here's Pidge and Green Lion ^_^

Pidge from the Voltron cartoon
God Bless and cheers!


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