Keith and Black Lion

Keith and Black Lion in Painter12
Hey everybody! Here is the portrait of Keith and Black Lion. I was very happy to finally get to this piece. This painting has the Black Lion, a red leather jacket, and a super mullet.
     Of course, while painting this I was thinking of a good cover of a video game. I kept thinking back to the old NES games like Golgo 13 and Xenophobe. So I wanted to make Keith the hero with a gun with his 'faithful' Black Lion creeping in the shadows (i know, i know he's supposed to pilot it).
     I wanted to redesign Keith's jacket too. It seemed a bit like a windbreaker jacket, so I made it a red leather jacket similar to a motorcycle jacket I wear (i own a Kawasaki Meanstreak). I have been trying to pay more attention to details and edges which really make a fabric and textile seem believable. Also I think I am getting the hang of hands. Short hatching with a chalk brush works best, and redefining the lighting with charcoal helps to unify the overall shape. Throughout the entire painting, I kept an eye on Hard, Soft and Lost edges as well.
   Done in Painter12.
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After I paint princess Allura, I'm celebrating with a Guinness and 18 year old Glenlivet. Maybe twice.
God Bless and cheers

Keith from 80's Voltron cartoon

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