Keith and Black Lion

Keith and Black Lion in Painter12
Hey everybody! Here is the portrait of Keith and Black Lion. I was very happy to finally get to this piece. This painting has the Black Lion, a red leather jacket, and a super mullet.
     Of course, while painting this I was thinking of a good cover of a video game. I kept thinking back to the old NES games like Golgo 13 and Xenophobe. So I wanted to make Keith the hero with a gun with his 'faithful' Black Lion creeping in the shadows (i know, i know he's supposed to pilot it).
     I wanted to redesign Keith's jacket too. It seemed a bit like a windbreaker jacket, so I made it a red leather jacket similar to a motorcycle jacket I wear (i own a Kawasaki Meanstreak). I have been trying to pay more attention to details and edges which really make a fabric and textile seem believable. Also I think I am getting the hang of hands. Short hatching with a chalk brush works best, and redefining the lighting with charcoal helps to unify the overall shape. Throughout the entire painting, I kept an eye on Hard, Soft and Lost edges as well.
   Done in Painter12.
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After I paint princess Allura, I'm celebrating with a Guinness and 18 year old Glenlivet. Maybe twice.
God Bless and cheers

Keith from 80's Voltron cartoon


  1. Just saw this stuff via the article on Kotaku and wanted to say: This stuff is awesome. VERY nicely done!


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