Sven and Blue Lion

Sven and Blue Lion in Painter12
Hey everybody! Well I haven't posted in a while because there was hope that the remaining Voltron portraits could be used in official trading cards. It didn't quite work out, so I'm sharing them here.
This painting was a bit of a pain because I was hoping to make it more of a combat piece. In addition I was really trying to make the characters seem a bit more personal by showing off their culture a bit. Sven is from Norway/Sweden so I added some stitching designs to show this. The blood was more of a spur of the moment idea that I did in homage of his death while fighting Haggar the witch. In the U.S. version, Sven was only too badly injured to pilot the Blue Lion. Hence, Princess Allura being its new pilot.
Done in Painter12.
Enjoy and Cheers!
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Sven from the 80's Voltron cartoon


  1. I thought so when I saw the blood )
    As usual, your artwork is amazing!! I love everything - the lion, Sven himself and every detail!


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