Doctor Who, the 10th Doctor issue 3.1

Hey everyone, here is another cover I created for Titan comics. Its for Doctor Who, the 10th Doctor Adventures, year three.
It has been nice to able to create covers for the Doctor Who comic series. The TV series I have known and enjoyed since I was a kid, so this is truly an honor to be able to be a part of this. 
Its always fun to create a cover for the doctor. I have been trying to show his eminence on each cover. I try to avoid action poses for #1 covers since I have always thought #2 and on represent that. So here is David Tennant, suit and tie, with trench coat. I really wanted to have his sneakers included in the painting, but I just couldn't really work out an idea for that. 

Anyway I hope everyone likes the painting.
The above image is what I submitted, and the lower image is edited by Titan for publication.

Josh Burns


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