Monday, September 26, 2016

Triggerman, issue 3

Hey everyone, here is another cover I painted for Titan comics. This one is for a Hard Case Crime comic called Triggerman, a gritty 1930's gangster story. 
So I have never done a detective crime painting, and I wanted that old detective noir feel for this. Like the stuff on 80's and 90's TV when the investigator had to go on foot into a lot of places to solve his/her case. I like my layout and colors that create the overall mood in this scene. And I thought the cast shadows and gritty feel were needed to push the drama as well. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The story here is the man with the gun, Roy, goes to the Siesta Motor Court to find his girlfriend, Lena, only to find Lena's room mate, another beautiful girl, in the bathtub; and they exchange words. She isn't too happy to be caught in this vulnerable state.

Josh Burns

Doctor Who, the 10th Doctor issue 3.1

Hey everyone, here is another cover I created for Titan comics. Its for Doctor Who, the 10th Doctor Adventures, year three.
It has been nice to able to create covers for the Doctor Who comic series. The TV series I have known and enjoyed since I was a kid, so this is truly an honor to be able to be a part of this. 
Its always fun to create a cover for the doctor. I have been trying to show his eminence on each cover. I try to avoid action poses for #1 covers since I have always thought #2 and on represent that. So here is David Tennant, suit and tie, with trench coat. I really wanted to have his sneakers included in the painting, but I just couldn't really work out an idea for that. 

Anyway I hope everyone likes the painting.
The above image is what I submitted, and the lower image is edited by Titan for publication.

Josh Burns

The Chimera Brigade issue 2

Hey everyone, here's another cover I created for Titan Comics. This one was for The Chimera Brigade, issue 2. The character is an evil scientist named Eisenstein. From what I learned he is 1/4 Hitler. So what I tried to create was a sense of evil, casting half his face in shadows to help showcase his glowing eye when he uses his psychic powers. I kept the background simple. Since I didn't really have the time to get too in depth there, I used imagery from black contrails of WWII fighter airplanes. I think over all it turned out well at this stage. 

Titan did request changes to move the character down so the title wouldn't cover too much of him. Np. Also they requested that his eye to have more of a lightning feel so that it didn't look too cybernetic/robotic. Personally I feel it hurt the evil feeling of the villain just a bit, but the lightning still looks exciting. I thought it was good to go, I thought. Apparently down the pipe someone wanted another change..

I was surprised to see the cover altered further via Previews. Another person did some editing adding all of those words and flames. Meh :(
I wish I had be given the chance to revise it myself, even reworking it.

I hope you like the glare of sinister evil nonetheless. Muwahahaha!

Josh Burns