Belle: Beast Hunter

Hi everyone, here's yet another cover I was privileged to paint for Zenescope Entertainment. This is for Belle: Beast Hunter, issue 3C. 
I am also proud to say that I was awarded a gracious Deviant Art Daily Deviation for this painting, so check it out
I was hoping to create a Batman gothic feel for this cover; Belle sitting on a building ledge overlooking the city night below, in a pin-up style.

Here's the excerpt from Previews:
"Its seems that Belle is finally catching a break, or is she? With her world shattered and after nearly escaping two consecutive attacks on her life she awakens in an unfamiliar place surrounded by unfamiliar people. Are her new companions, allies or part of a larger game being played with our heroine? Another part of the mystery of these attacks is revealed in this can't miss issue!"
Written by Dave Franchini, with art interiors by Bong Dazo.
In Shops: March 21st -April 4th, 2018, so watch out for this!

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