Cat Woman

Hey everybody! Here is a painting of Cat
Woman I created in photoshop and painter!

I am interested in painting a series of some of the Batman characters, so I started with Cat Woman. I have made sketches for painting Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Bat Girl, and Batman. I'm not sure how I am going to find time to make these, but I want to try at least. 
I'll post a step-by-step later of this character and you'll see the initial idea being developed into the final painting. Maybe it will help someone ^_^
My Cat Woman went through a couple of changes. I kind of feel like the modern cat burglar with goggles and black hood is so far away from the original TV Julie Newmar version that I first saw when I was younger. The 1966 Batman series seems so much more innocent then, and more fun. So I tried to bring back that light-heartedness. 
Anyway, at the tail end of this one I did decide to add her black kitty, Isis. And the shadow of Batman waiting for her.
Also I am including a rotated version of this painting for you all to see too. 
It was hard for me to paint an upside down character so I had to rotate this image constantly to make it come together. Somethings look better upside down so its kind of neat to have em' both by each other.

If you are a DC Comics fan please feel free to share this painting with other fans!
Thanks for everyone's support!

Josh Burns

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