Présences d'Esprits featuring my Elric painting!

Hey everybody! I had the privilege and honor to be interviewed by Présences d'Esprits a couple months ago, a non-profit association for the development of sci-fi in France.
I'm so happy to be a part of this because my painting of Elric is also being featured on the cover of their zine covering one of my favorite authors Michael Moorcock!
I'm allowed to share now, but I'm not sure when it'll post this year. Anyhow, check out their site

This treasure below is the paperback version (size A4) they sent to me from France!

(the interview inside, in English below)

Présences d'Esprits: Thank you for your beautiful Elric, Josh. Can you tell about yourself ? 
Josh Burns: I’m glad to share my painting of Elric with you, and thank you for talking with me today. Well, about me, I’m a digital painter and somewhat of an entrepreneur. I live in the Midwest United States right now, in Indiana. I’m married to my great wife Allie, aka Posemanikin, and we have two cats named EQ and Nik. 
PdE: Did you study arts in a school ? 
JB: Yes, I actually started my degree in fine arts, but later changed it to graphic design. I wish I would have stayed in the fine arts because I think I’m a traditional painter in my heart. 
PdE: How many years did you start doing arts ? 
JB: I started doing art when I was a little kid, even before school. I was not too good of course, but the appreciation was present. During college there was a time I dropped out, and I did not do any art for years. I got my head screwed on straight a few years later, finished my degree, and began learning digital paint.
PdE: Do you work digitally or do you also paint ?
JB: Yeah, I work digitally. I also do some pencil work for myself to get an understanding of what I’m about to create. And to develop some personality for the characters. I don’t paint traditionally anymore unless its for someone personal.
PdE: What are your favorite theme ? Fantasy ? SF ? Or some else ?
JB: I love sci-fi most and post-war themes, some supernatural. I grew up on fantasy though.
PdE: Do you remember what you wanted to showcase with your vision of Elric ? How did you work on the composition ?
JB: The painting was a inspired by a random sketch I did. I thought it looked cool so I played around with it in Photoshop. I did not want a dynamic pose, just something static and descriptive, so I moved forward from there. 
I did not think too much about Elric’s design. I was happy with dragon scales and chain mail armor. I regret not painting Elric in black plate armor though. And his dragon helmet was something that was inspired by one of Yoshitaka Amano’s Final Fantasy paintings, actually. 
Also I wanted his sword Stormbringer to be in it, so I had to do additional sketches of the sword to look strong, dark and treacherous. It was painted side-ways on purpose to show its personality as well. 
Although if I were to paint them again, I would have Elric brooding over his relationship with Stormbinger somehow.
PdE: Which artists have influence on you ? 
JB: Yoshitaka Amano is really good. I still am inspired by how Amano’s art is so versatile, like for galleries, animation, games, prints and merchandise. I think when I got into digital painting Brad Rigney and Dave Rapoza were the ones I learned the most from. I try not to follow any specific artist’s style anymore. I’m kind of trying out some new things now, stuff that looks more painterly.
PdE: Is doing illustration your job, or do you have another profession ?
JB: Back in July, I actually had a day job for the past 9 years in the secured cards industry making proofs for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 
Right now I am freelance. I have been doing web art and cover art lately, and currently working on my own story between jobs. I really am open to any kind of painting projects or illustrations. I enjoy trying out new things.
PdE: Thank you, Josh.

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