Zenescope Comics Wonderland 48C

© 2016 Zenescope Entertainmen
Hey everybody! If you read Zenescope Comics, you'll be seeing another cover I was able to paint for them!
This was a bit different than my usual straight on angle. I wanted to push the depth of the image, creating more excitement, more dynamics. I was looking through some cosplays that people like to share online, and I came across one image of a girl wearing armor but had the feel I wanted for this cover. With the head kicked back and her body twisting, I could paint in this tweedle girl's pigtails hanging in the air as well.
So I created the sketch for this, along with another that was more of a traditional pin-up style, and after this one was Green-lighted I got to work and painted it all in. Since it was supposed to be like a pin-up I wanted it to have a more light-hearted feel so I used warmer colors and pinks, contrary to the darker colors normally used in horror. I think it turned out really well.
Stay alert for issue 48C Wonderland by Zenescope Entertainment comics!

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